Currently for sale:

Currently taking reservations for spring 2018.  Click on the contact button on the home page to contact us about  reserving a 2018 kid. 

Sales Policy 

To reserve your North Forest Farm mini-Nubian kid(s), we require a $50 per kid deposit in the form of cash, check, or money order. We recommend not only a first choice but also a second choice of kid in case we must keep an animal for our own breeding program or in the event that the desired animal is not born. 

Please contact me using the contact button on the top right of the home page for an address if you wish to send a check or money order.
You MUST send a deposit to secure your kid(s) of choice. If for any reason you have changed your mind and no longer plan to purchase a North Forest Farm mini-Nubian kid, please let us know ASAP so we may move to other customers. Deposits are NOT refunded if a customer opts out of a purchase. However, deposits will be refunded if your kid of choice is not born and the reservation cannot be filled.

Kids are dam raised and ready to go to their new homes around two months of age. We welcome visitors to the farm in the form of prearranged visits.

 Registered doe kids will be priced individually between $250 and $350. 
Unregistered doe kids will be $200
 Wethers will be $150

  We are willing to deliver as far as Duluth, MN for a $70 delivery charge.

Feel free to contact me using the contact button at the top right of the home page with any questions or concerns.

Past kid pictures: These photos are from when we raised Nigerian Dwarf goats.  This year (1017) was our last  year raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, and we now exclusively raise mini-Nubians.  I really need to do some updating of this site.
Panzy X Aspen doeling
Starlight X Shamrock doeling

Starlight X Shamrock doeling
Starlight X Shamrock buckling


Starlight X Shamrock buckling and doeling

Starlight X Shamrock doeling

Starlight X Shamrock doeling