About Us

North Forest Farm is located in northeastern Minnesota, within half an hour of the Canadian border. We purchased the small property that has become North Forest Farm in 2001, and we shortly thereafter acquired a flock of laying hens and started gardening on a very small scale. We continued to raise chickens for eggs and meat.
We had our hands full raising small children, so we didn't grow our "farm" much for a while. Finally in 2010 we purchased foundation stock for our rabbitry. We raise Californian rabbits for our table.

Through all the years, we knew that goats were in our future. When we finally got to a point where we were ready to consider the goats seriously, I began to research what breed would suit us the best. When I learned of the Nigerian Dwarf, it was love at first sight. Fortunately, they also suited us, and our small acreage, perfectly. Because of our little goats, we manage to squeeze a lot of diversity into our little acre and a half "farm".

We acquired our first two does in the spring of 2011, and the third in the summer.
Our goal is milk production, but these little goats are also some of the best little companions ever. I hope we are able to introduce many people to these little goats with such a big personality and amazing utility.