About Us

North Forest Farm is located in northeastern Minnesota, within half an hour of the Canadian border. We purchased the small property that has become North Forest Farm in 2001.  We started with chickens and gardens.  In 2011 we got our first dairy goats, Nigerian Dwarfs.  We pretty quickly decided that we wanted to move up a size. :)  We purchased two Nubian does in the spring of 2013 and bred them to our Nigerian Dwarf bucks for 2014 kids.  We never looked back.  The mini-Nubian is an amazing smaller version of the Nubian, and I'm pleased to be contributing to the breed through the genetics in our herd.  We bred our last Nigerian Dwarf doe last fall, and had three cute little triplets born this spring (2017).  We are now exclusively breeding mini-Nubian dairy goats.  I have some serious updating of this blog and it's pages to accomplish.  If you're interested in our goats, please use the contact button on the home page and I will make sure to get back to you.