Saturday, July 14, 2018

Buck For Sale

Mr. Tumnus is for sale:

Due to the fact that we want to keep Odin, the son of Mr. Tumnus and a wonderful buck kid born here this year, we are going to sell Mr, Tumnus.  He's a 4 year old first generation 50/50 buck.  He's nice and wide with straight, strong legs and feet and a nice level topline.  He comes from good milking lines.  
His sire's dam (Starlight, pictured below) was a Nigerian Dwarf who peaked at 4 pounds her second freshening.  His dam was a full Nubian doe who also peaked at 4 lbs. her first freshening at 14 months old.  
We have spent a lot of time with this guy, so he's friendly and loves attention.  He's been very healthy and an easy keeper all his life.  His kids are mostly an improvement over their parents in breed character.  Here are some photos of him and his son, Odin.  Please contact us by leaving a comment or via the contact button on your screen.  We will get back to you and answer any questions you may have.  This page is a work in progress, but we have Mr.Tumnus, his son Odin and his sire's dam Starlight pictured below.