Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Few New Pictures

UPDATE:  Ginger is still adorable, but no longer for sale.  We've had her too long now, and we're smitten!  She'll be staying. 
This little darling is North Forest Farm Wild Ginger.  She's for sale!  You can see more pics of her on the "for sale" page.  She's just an amazing little darling.  We all love her, and it's been a tough decision to sell her.  However, there's only so much space, money and time to keep these little goats in.  I've decided that I can only keep one doeling this year.

Molly with some of our spoiled babies.  Pictured are on the left, the doeling I've decided to keep, Bouncing Bet (or Lil' Bet, as I call her), In her lap is Shamrock, our new herd sire, and the others are Macintosh and Maple, who have been reserved with a sale pending.

Here are all our new babies except one.  It appears Aspen was off on an explore. :)