Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shere Country SH Starlight x North Forest Farm MX Shamrock

Starlight was exposed to Shamrock yesterday and today, October 15 and 16, 2012. She was in a strong standing heat today, so we should see kids around March 9, 2013. Starlight is my best milker, still giving nearly a pint per milking at 6 months as a first freshener. That's not bad for a Nigerian! I like her so much that I still own all of her kids from 2012, two does (Bet and Ginger) and a buck (Aspen). Starlight is a lovely gold and white doe. She's very long and beautiful with a lovely udder. Shamrock is a great buck, and should produce some lovely kids. I'm expecting long, strong legs, strong and correct feet, and level top lines out of him. I don't see any obvious faults in him.
I see I'm going to have to get a new picture of him up, as the one in this post is a baby pic.  He looks a bit awkward in it, but he isn't so anymore.
Shere Country SH Starlight

Starlight's 1st freshening udder, 3 weeks fresh and 10 hours bagged.

Starlight's 1st freshening udder, 3 weeks fresh and 10 hours bagged.

North Forest Farm MX Shamrock

Monday, October 15, 2012

Frostbitty Japanzy x North Forest Farm TR Aspen

Today Japanzy was in heat, so I put her with Aspen again. He seems to have possibly been able to get the job done this time! I'm really looking forward to seeing the kids this breeding produces. Japanzy is sort of a mediocre milker, though she seems to have a steady and long lactation. She is, however, an awesome doe in all other respects. She has awesome feet and legs, and is extremely hardy and resistant to disease. She's an extremely easy keeper as well, leaning toward overweight very easily.  She was pregnant in the photoi below, but you can still see that she's not thin by any means.   She does have a nice udder, as you can see in the photos below.  It is very well attached, nice medial, and nice fore udder.
Aspen is my best milkers buckling from spring 2012.  His mom, Starlight, hasn't disappointed me in any way!  She kidded very easily with triplets her first freshening, all by herself.  She was/is a great mama, still nursing her two doelings who are almost 6 months old now.  She has them with her all day, and I separate them at night.  In the morning she gives me a pint of milk, and I let her have her girls back again.  So far, she's steady on a pint every morning for 6 months now.  I'm pretty happy about that!   I hope I'm able to sell any doelings to someone who will milk them, so I can see if they live up to their potential.

Aspen is the buckling on the left.
Aspen's mama, Starlight

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wren Farm Cupcake X North Forest Farm MX Shamrock for 2013

I just bred Cupcake to Shamrock today, so should see my first 2013 kids on the ground around March 1.  This is pretty exciting!  I didn't think I'd be as excited this year as I was last year, but I am. :)
Cupcake is the White doe

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The strengths of this breeding:  Combining the beautiful dairy looks of Cupcake to the strength of feet and legs in Shamrock's line should build on the strengths of each.  I hope to keep Cupcake's ultra soft and milkable udder in this breeding, and gain width and capacity.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the doeling(s) produced by this breeding, provided there are any.