Nigerian Bucks

 This page, like all the others, needs a complete overhaul.  We have only mini-Nubian breeding stock now.  Please use the contact button to contact me if you're interested in our goats.
Introducing the boys

These guys are so stinky and uncooperative right now, it's really hard to get good photos, but I really did want to get at least temporary pictures up.  I hope to give them a bath and a shave in the spring, and try the pictures again them.

North Forest Farm TR Aspen

DOB: 5/2/2012

Aspen. newborn

Aspen, left, about 3 months

Aspen @ 7 months
Aspen @ about 11 months

Aspen fathered two doelings born on our farm spring 2013:

doeling one, black with white spots, blue eyes, 3.8 pounds (nicknamed "Kimmie" until sold)
doeling two, chamoisee, no white, stillborn
"Kimmie"  (Japanzy X Aspen)

Aspen also fathered Triplets with Irena, Payton's doe whom I boarded in January 2013.  They were born in June, 2013.  Here are two of them:

Thornbush Acres buckling (Irena X Aspen)

Thornbush Acres doeling (Irena X Aspen)

Aspen's dam: Shere Country SH Starlight, pre-fresh 1st freshening udder
Aspen's Sire's Sire, Grasse Acres Pot Of Gold

Aspen's Sire's Dam, Kannah Creek HK Pocco Estrella

Aspen's dam's dam, Twin Creeks SEM Fire N Ice

North Forest Farm MX Shamrock

DOB: 4/23/2012

Newborn Shamrock

A few weeks old

Shamrock about 7 months

Shamrock sired three kids (triplets) spring 2013:

#1, doeling, broken chamoisee, abundant white, blue eyes
#2, buckling, broken chamoise, abundant white, brown eyes
#3, doeling, broken chamoise, abundant white, blue eyes

Kid #1 and #2

kid #3

Shamrock's sire and dam, Maxwell and Japanzy

Shamrock's dam's udder

Shamrock's sire, Maxwell as a baby

Shamrock's sire's sire, Gerle Ranch Bennedict, courtesy of Gerle Ranch

Shamrock's Sire's dam, Gerle Ranch Elsie May