Reference Bucks

Reference Bucks  

We no longer raise nigerian dwarf goats, but these boys are the foundation bucks for our mini-nubian herd.  They are here for reference only.

North Forest Farm TR Aspen

DOB: 5/2/2012

Aspen. newborn

Aspen, left, about 3 months

Aspen @ 7 months
Aspen @ about 11 months

Aspen fathered two doelings born on our farm spring 2013:

doeling one, black with white spots, blue eyes, 3.8 pounds (nicknamed "Kimmie" until sold)
doeling two, chamoisee, no white, stillborn
"Kimmie"  (Japanzy X Aspen)

Aspen also fathered Triplets with Irena, Payton's doe whom I boarded in January 2013.  They were born in June, 2013.  Here are two of them:

Thornbush Acres buckling (Irena X Aspen)

Thornbush Acres doeling (Irena X Aspen)

Aspen's dam: Shere Country SH Starlight, pre-fresh 1st freshening udder
Aspen's Sire's Sire, Grasse Acres Pot Of Gold

Aspen's Sire's Dam, Kannah Creek HK Pocco Estrella

Aspen's dam's dam, Twin Creeks SEM Fire N Ice

North Forest Farm MX Shamrock

DOB: 4/23/2012

Newborn Shamrock

A few weeks old

Shamrock about 7 months

Shamrock sired three kids (triplets) spring 2013:

#1, doeling, broken chamoisee, abundant white, blue eyes
#2, buckling, broken chamoise, abundant white, brown eyes
#3, doeling, broken chamoise, abundant white, blue eyes

Kid #1 and #2

kid #3

Shamrock's sire and dam, Maxwell and Japanzy

Shamrock's dam's udder

Shamrock's sire, Maxwell as a baby

Shamrock's sire's sire, Gerle Ranch Bennedict, courtesy of Gerle Ranch

Shamrock's Sire's dam, Gerle Ranch Elsie May