Thursday, July 20, 2017

If You Came Here From Goat Finder...

I appologize for the improper listing on goat finder.  We used to raise Nigjerian Dwarf goats.  They are lovely little cuties with big persinality, and we still have one sweet little doe who we plan to keep for all eternity. :)  However, we now raise Mini-Nubian goats.  They're a little taller, which makes milking easier.  They are a powerhouse animal, on average putting in the milk pail 2/3 the amount of milk that a full size Nubian doe does on 1/2 the amount of food required by a full size Nubian doe.  They have crazy fun personalities, and it's super exciting (albeit a slow kind of exciting waiting game) to see the goats develop breed character over time when developing a new line.  We're up to second generation, and positively looking toward a future of ears for days and awesome roman noses.  Just in a smaller, more manageable package.
Goat Finder should be listing our farm under the mini-Nubian breed soon, I hope.

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